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How can I help or mentor younger VFW members to be more involved in our Post, District, or Department leadership and programs?

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Last updated: 28 Apr, 2015
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As you know, we must ensure that VFW and its values persevere for another century and beyond.  The VFW is a fraternity brought together by a common experience and it will always be necessary to mentor young veterans to become future leaders.


Mentoring refers to a developmental relationship between an experienced mentor and a less experienced partner. The concept is simply one person (usually older), spending time with another person, for the purpose of sharing wisdom, experience and understanding…in order to improve the younger person’s chances for success. The VFW Programs Department has developed a "Mentoring and Leadership Brochure" that contains a curriculum that suggests elements that should be covered during the course of mentoring a VFW member.

This brochure is available for downloading and printing from the VFW website. Go to and log in as a VFW member. On MY VFW, click on "VFW Training and Support." Find "Veterans and Military Support" and the Mentoring and Leadership brochure is listed under Student Veterans of America.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to e-mail Kris Harmer in VFW Programs or call at 816-968-1117.


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