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Where can I find information on the VFW National Public Servant Award?

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Last updated: 03 Nov, 2016
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Each year, the Veterans of Foreign Wars selects emergency medical technicians, law enforcement and firefighter personnel to receive VFW Public Servant Awards. Post Safety Chairmen are encouraged to submit a candidate for these awards to their Department Headquarters by January 1.  The Department must then select a single candidate for each of the three awards and submit those to VFW National Headquarters by February 1. NOTE: The VFW National Programs Department does not require all documentation items to be mailed to Kansas City, Missouri (from Department to National.)

Additional information and complete instructions can be found online under “My VFW.” Visit this website where you can LOG IN and look under Member Resources, then click on VFW Training and Support.  Look under the Citizenship Education and Youth Programs area, where you can look to the right under CHAIRMAN'S MANUALS. All information needed for chairmen to conduct this program is included within the "Safety & Recognition Chairman's Manual."

The "VFW Department Public Servant Award Request Form" is all that is required to submit the first place Department winner or winners to National.  It needs to be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to Tammy Beauchamp's attention by Feburary 1, but if this deadline can not be met, please be sure to allow a minumum of three weeks processing time to receive the national citation(s) back.

If you are coordinating this program at the Department level, and you need to obtain a blank request form, please contact:

Tammy Beauchamp

Programs Coordinator

VFW Programs

Veterans of Foreign Wars National Headquarters

406 West 34th Street

Kansas City, MO  64111


phone: (816) 756-3390 ext 6287

fax: (816) 968-1149

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