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What is CHAMPVA and who is eligible?

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Last updated: 05 Apr, 2012
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CHAMPVA, the Civilian Health and Medical Program of VA, provides reimbursement for most medical expenses - inpatient, outpatient mental health, prescription medication, skilled nursing care and durable medical equipment. To be eligible for CHAMPVA, an individual cannot be eligible for TRICARE (the medical program for civilian dependents provided by DOD) and must be one of the following:
The spouse or child of a veteran who VA has rated permanently and totally disabled for a service-connected disability.
The surviving spouse or child of a veteran who dies from a VA-rated service-connected disability, or who, at the time of death, was rated permanently and totally disabled.
The surviving spouse or child of a military member who died in the line of duty, not due to misconduct.However, in most of these cases, these family members are eligible for TRICARE, not CHAMPVA.

For more information you may contact the VA Health Administration Center, at or 1-800-733-8387.

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