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Where are the judging forms (score sheets) and Chairman's Guides for the Patriot's Pen or Voice of Democracy contests located?

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Last updated: 10 Nov, 2014
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All resources needed for chairmen to conduct the VFW Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s Pen, and Teacher Award Programs are online now under “My VFW.”  Visit this website where you can access all of the VFW’s Online Membership System (OMS) services available to our VFW members and leaders.  After you LOG IN, click on CHAIRMAN GUIDES under the General Members Tools and Resources heading and browse through that page to see all of the Programs materials that are available.  

The VFW Programs office has designed six (6) separate Chairman’s Guides for each VFW Program area: 

Scholarship Programs Guide (includes Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen chairmen instructions and complete rules.)

Smart/Maher Citizenship Education Teacher Award chairmen instructions and complete rules.

Youth Activities Guide (includes Youth Cadet Recognition Programs (ROTC, CAP, NSC), NRA programs, Sons of the VFW and Scouting information.)

Community Activities & Citizenship Education Guide (which covers Flag Etiquette, Volunteerism, Loyalty Day, Community Service Programs, Veterans in the Classroom, and National Awards information.)

Safety & Recognition Guide (includes the Law Enforcement/Firefighter/EMT VFW National Public Servant Awards and other Recognition and Award programs information.)

Buddy Poppy Guide. 

Listed below the “Scholarship Programs” Manual, you will find the following additional resources: 

Both the Voice of Democracy and Patriot’s Pen entry forms.

Teacher Award Brochure (with nomination form.)

National Scholarship and Award Programs Brochure (this brochure is designed to give to teachers and youth leaders when you first introduce them to the three programs.)

How-To Guide to Promoting Youth Programs (a resource for new Post Chairmen.)

***Judging Scoresheets for Voice of Democracy and Patriot's Pen.***

Public Service Announcements and Sample Press Releases (can be used to announce the kick-off of these programs before the end of the school year in preparation for the fall semester, and also to announce your Post winners in mid-November.) 

If you need any further information or if you have any questions, please let us know…we are here to help you with anything you may need.   Please call 816-968-1117 or e-mail kharmer@vfw.org.  We will be glad to email you anything you need.

Thank you for all your hard work with VFW Programs!



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