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I stopped at the VFW in Cape Coral Florida and was told they do not accept visitors that belong to the American Legion. I always thought both clubs accepted each others' membership. How do I not be embarrassed in the future? How does one know who the VFW allows in. I have never run into this problem before and I have traveled quite extensively.

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Last updated: 14 Jun, 2019
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In addition to the Bylaws of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW Posts maintaining canteen/club operations serving alcohol beverages are required to comply with all applicable local, county and state regulations pertaining to such operations. In some instances, these regulations do provide for guests, but it is at the discretion of the Post to allow guests entry to their canteen/club. It is a commonly held misconception that membership in the VFW or American Legion offers unlimited access to any VFW Post canteen/club operation, but this is simply not true. Consequently, your American Legion membership may not be sufficient to authorize your admission to a VFW canteen/club. Use the VFW "Find a Post" link: to contact the Post you wish to visit prior to your arrival.

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