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What is the appropriate cap to wear at the Post meetings?

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Last updated: 09 Apr, 2012
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The VFW cap of the overseas type, lettered with VFW initials, Post numerals, state, rank of office (when applicable), and bearing the Cross of Malta emblem, shall be the regulation cap to be worn at Post meetings. The color shall be green, shade 51. Lettering on each cap shall be in gold. Organizational echelons will be designated by the color of the braid (piping) and letters on the caps as follows: Post officers, members and Past Post Commanders -- gold braid; County Council officers and Past County Council Commanders -- bright blue braid; District officers, except District Commanders and Past District Commanders -- bright green braid; Department officers and Past Department officers, Conference officers and Past Conference officers, and District Commanders and Past District Commanders -- bright red braid; National officers and Past Commanders-in-Chief -- silver braid. The National Council of Administration has designated other colors or color combinations of the cap, braid and lettering to be worn on the caps of All-American and All-State honorees, life members and aides-de-camp. Past Commanders-in-Chief and National officers with a Council vote, other than National District Council Members, may wear white caps with gold lettering and braid. Regulation caps shall be worn by elected and appointed officers at all official meetings. Subject to the approval of the sponsoring units, color guards, drill teams and similar units may adopt optional uniforms and campaign hats, berets, helmets or other headgear for wear at parades, assemblies and similar events and at official functions in the performance of duties.

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Once a person has been appointed to the House Committee, can the...     Should members always wear their caps at Post meetings?