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Why isn't there uniform enforcement of the "no social member" policy?

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Last updated: 09 Apr, 2012
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The National By-Laws provides for one type of membership, i.e., active membership in good standing in the Veterans of Foreign Wars with membership being in accordance with the By-Laws of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Social membership or any other type of membership other than active membership meeting the eligibility criteria set forth in the By-Laws is not authorized or condoned. Any Post admitting social members is in direct violation of the By-Laws and subject to disciplinary action to include the revocation of charter. "Social Members" in the Clubroom/Canteen: In addition to the By-Laws of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW Posts maintaining canteen/club operations serving alcohol beverages are required to comply with all applicable local, county and state regulations pertaining to such operations. In some instances, these regulations do provide for guests, but it is at the discretion of the Post to allow guests entry to their canteen/club.

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