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At a Post meeting during the Good of the Order, can a motion be made to spend money?

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Last updated: 09 Apr, 2012
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Money is not spent during Good of the Order. Demeter's Manual of Parliamentary Procedure provides that the "Good of the Order" allows for specific suggestions, constructive criticism and thus to attempt in good faith to rectify wrongs. If necessary, to achieve a desired outcome, they can be proposed as main motions. This makes it unnecessary to revert back to the category of new business in order to act on them. An example of a motion that would be proper under Good of the Order: "Comrade Commander, I rise during the good of the order to express displeasure regarding smoking in the hall during meetings. I would like to make a motion that future meeting be non-smoking." It is important to note that no tabled, postponed, referred, defeated or otherwise disposed of motion acted on by the body can be reintroduced under good of the order, as this would circumvent the assembly's previous action thereon.

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