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Must I belong to a Post?

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Last updated: 12 Jun, 2012
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The VFW  offers a Department at Large option for those veterans who do not want to be affiliated with a specific Post.  An At-Large membership is usually for those who travel or relocate quite often or for those wish to support the Veterans of Foreign Wars but do not have the time or desire to attend local meetings or be involved in the community programs.  It is also for those who for health or personal reasons cannot or do not desire to be involved at the local level.

As a Member at Large, you may visit a local Post's meeting; however, as a visitor, you shall have no voice in business discussions unless requested by the Commander of that Post and you shall have no voting privileges.

To transfer you membership to your states at Large program, please contact your Department Quartermaster.  You can locate your Department's contact information at

 If you are not a VFW member and are interested in joining as a Department at Large member, you can join on-line by going to

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