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document What does a Life Membership cost?
document I am looking for college scholarships or grants for grandchildren of veterans or VFW members. My father is a Korean War Veteran (now deceased) and his grandson is trying to find financing for his college education.
document I stopped at the VFW in Cape Coral Florida and was told they do not accept visitors that belong to the American Legion. I always thought both clubs accepted each others' membership. How do I not be embarrassed in the future? How does one know who the VFW allows in. I have never run into this problem before and I have traveled quite extensively.
document I need to change my address for my magazine.
document How can I obtain a headstone or marker?
document What is the address for VFW National Headquarters?
document How can I obtain a copy of the VFW By-Laws? Are they available online?
document Can a Post require a DD214 before accepting an individual's application?
document I belong to one Post and I want to change my membership to another.
document Can members of a Post honor guard wear their military decorations on VFW uniforms?

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document How can I get a current order form?
document What size flag should I get for my flagpole?
document Do your jackets and other clothing items run true to size in the VFWStore catalog?
document Where can I download the VFW Voice of Democracy Scholarship Contest student entry form?
document Will a VFW member be able to come to my school to speak to my class?
document Can you send me information on the Smart/Maher VFW Citizenship Education Teacher Award Contest? I am a middle school student that wants to nominate my social studies teacher for this award, as he focuses on flag education in class.
document I am the Voice of Democracy Chairman for our Ladies Auxiliary. How do I obtain the guidebook, brochures, and other materials I will need?
document I'm a newly appointed Post Chairman for Patriot's Pen. How can I get the chairman's guide, score sheets, student entry forms and all other pertinent information I will need to conduct the program?
document I have been appointed the Voice of Democracy chairman for my Post and District....where do I find the VFW Programs chairman's manual I need to help me fufill my duties?
document I am unable to complete my order through the "Check Out" phase on the VFW Store website. What do I do?