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document I am looking for college scholarships or grants for grandchildren of veterans or VFW members. My father is a Korean War Veteran (now deceased) and his grandson is trying to find financing for his college education.
document What does a Life Membership cost?
document How can I obtain a copy of the VFW By-Laws? Are they available online?
document I stopped at the VFW in Cape Coral Florida and was told they do not accept visitors that belong to the American Legion. I always thought both clubs accepted each others' membership. How do I not be embarrassed in the future? How does one know who the VFW allows in. I have never run into this problem before and I have traveled quite extensively.
document I belong to one Post and I want to change my membership to another.
document I need to change my address for my magazine.
document Can a Post require a DD214 before accepting an individual's application?
document I lost my membership card, how do I get a new one?
document Is there a payment plan for Life Membership dues?
document How can I obtain a headstone or marker?

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document Do the personalized shirts and jackets already come with decorations?
document What size flag fits standard flag cases?
document Is there any manual dealing with the American Flag and what honors are due the Flag? How can we get the manual?
document How do I purchase a flag?
document When do new Service Officer Guides come out?
document Does the VFW sell Military Medals and Patches?